--> Press C to Attack
--> Press X to Dash

"One day at the Grand Theatre the three art directions Drama, Music and Sculpting went crazy as they were jealous of you, the fourth art direction: Painting. You now have to defeat them in order to demonstrate who the REAL number one of art is."

- - - - - -
This project is the outcome of a 3-day Game Jam hosted at our school. The task was to create a game based on a randomly generated topic (in our case: "deceivingly easy looking roguelike about sarcastic Bob Ross fans") in PICO-8 using only one gaming screen. 

- - - - - - 

Please enjoy this little piece of art. Critique is highly appreciated as we're still studying in this field.

Game On!

Benedikt Kirchmeier (Programmer) & Hannah Rodenbüsch (Artist)


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This is a really cool little game!

To keep it short: I love animals and i love well made art so i  love this game.

Its really fun to play and to look at in general.
I didnt find any bugs except some collision bugs where the enemy just walks through me and it didn't do anything to me.

All in all i  will just simply say good job and keep making games like this one.

Best wishes,

Nice game. Interesting attack system and animations. Good job

Thank You!